Another amazing act of kindness was given to St.Vincent de Paul’s Thrift Shop on 14 th Ave in Vero Beach.

A teacher, Kate Rowan, from St. Helen’s Catholic School contacted us. She wanted her class to do something for charity. The entire student body of St. Helen’s Catholic School got involved.They volunteered to collect Health & Beauty Aids for the homeless. Not only did they collect all the stuff that was needed, but also came in on Saturday with Kate Rowan(teacher) and one of our (volunteers) Betty Jane to make up the bags.

This is an amazing project to get youngsters involved in. Teaches kindness, patience, humility, and understanding. Doing community service at a young age shapes the person you become. And the euphoric feeling you get from helping in your community and giving back is wonderful. These lessons these kids will carry for a lifetime. We can’t thank you enough for doing this amazing & selfless act of kindness! We need more people in our world like this. God bless you all! 🙏