“If you must be in a hurry, then let it be according to the old adage, and hasten slowly.”

– St. Vincent de Paul

Donate your Car!

St. Vincent de Paul Society of Indian River County Vehicle Donation Program – Donate your vehicle, truck, motorbike, camper, RV, or boat to help your favorite Saint Vincent de Paul Society charity you are passionate about. It’s simple to donate your car to help the cause you consider important. Just fill out the online donation form below and we’ll get in touch with you to finish the process and schedule your vehicle to be collected and delivered at no cost to you. You may be eligible for tax-deductible benefits in exchange for donating to a good cause!

Vehicle Donations Department

We accept the following types of motor vehicles for donation:

  • Cars & SUV’s

  • Pick-up Trucks

  • Mini Van’s

  • Motorized Wheels Chairs

  • Scooters

  • Dirt Bikes

  • Motor Cycles

  • Custom Fabrications

  • Personal Watercraft

  • Boats

  • Outboard Motors

  • Other Motorized Water Vehicles

To Donate:

Please call us at 772-567-6774 and and ask for Darlene or Bill. They will guide you through the process and make your donation as easy as possible. If you’d rather fill out the form below, we’ll have someone call you back within 24 hours. 

Reviews from our neighbors about St. Vincent de Paul

Jerri SaturdayJerri Saturday
03:33 01 Apr 22
Good value helps community I get items in good condition at good price. Win/win
Deb StillDeb Still
22:49 16 Feb 22
St. Vincent De Paul Vero Beach on 14 th ave. Review: This is the diamond of all thrift stores on 14 th Ave, Vero Beach. Absolutely grateful for all who donate here! You all have a place in heaven, I’m telling you. EVERYONE needs to shop here. The clothes are out of this world brands for men and women, boutique clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, they have an entire furniture room, paintings, rugs, lamps , gorgeous dishes, towels, pillows, comforters. Books, games for the kids, junior clothes too. Tons of bakeware, appliances, utensils, electronics, gardening, crafts, a FREE rack. Sports and medical room with crutches etc. What more could you want! Everything organized and the people couldn’t be friendlier! This fabulous place is top notch in Vero Beach! Tell everyone you know❤️.From Deborah in Sebastian
Yvonne LintnerYvonne Lintner
01:43 16 Feb 22
SVDP on 14 th Ave in Vero Beach is awesome! So much merchandise at a really reasonable price! And I love the fact that all proceeds go to helping people in need in the community! Awesome concept! Way to go!
Christina RossChristina Ross
20:38 28 Jan 22
Love shopping at this store! Well organized, great prices!! The all volunteer staff are very efficient!👏👏👏
Darlene Keefe-MurphyDarlene Keefe-Murphy
16:47 24 Jan 22
Wonderful prices. Large selection of childrens clothes.The workers are such nice people. They are all volunteers. No one gets paid here

More About Donating Your Car to St. Vincent de Paul Society of Indian River County

Did you know that St. Vincent de Paul accepts donations of used cars, RVs and boats? Car donations are an important part the charity’s work in local areas, where they help approximately 12 million people each year. Vehicle donations are also an excellent way to help the organization maintain its programs. This article will show you how to donate your car online to St. Vincent de Paul.

Donations accepted include used cars, trucks and motorcycles, as well as RVs, boats, and other vehicles.

If you own an old vehicle, you can donate it to a charity. Cars for Homes accepts any vehicle with a title and proof of ownership, including motorcycles. Any make or model is acceptable, provided it is less than 12 year old. Vehicles must be free of major mechanical or cosmetic problems to be accepted. Boats, RVs, or specialty vehicles may also qualify.

Tax-deductible vehicle donations are common. An initial receipt will be provided by the driver. Tax purposes, you can claim the fair market value up to $500 or the full price of the vehicle if the vehicle sells for more that $500. You cannot claim the entire sale price if the vehicle’s value is less that $500.

Can I donate a vehicle to St. Vincent De Paul?

Donating a car is a great way to help others in need. Donating to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a tax-deductible way to donate your car to a worthy cause. The organization provides food and shelter, medicines, and emergency assistance for people in need. Car donations can even help those in need keep their jobs. No matter what kind of car you donate, you will do a lot for your community.

St. Vincent de Paul accepts car donations through their National Donation Program. They offer free pick-up services and will accept your vehicle. It is a great way for you to help your community and those in need. The Society accepts all kinds of vehicles and is tax-deductible. So why not donate your car today? There are many benefits to this! Here are just some of them.

Who is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul?

First, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic lay organization. It was founded by Blessed Frederic Ozanam and aims to help the poor as well as the suffering. Vincentians work with people who are goodwill to alleviate their suffering and bring joy to others. As a member of the St. Vincent de Paul society, you can donate your car to help the organization.

Can I donate a car to St. Vincent De Paul Society of Indian River County?

The National Vehicle Donation Program is coordinated by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. This program provides tax-deductible donations of vehicles for its programs in local communities. These services include transportation assistance programs and housing for the needy. Donations of vehicles can be any kind, including antiques, sports cars, trucks, or motorcycles. By making a car donation to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, you can make a difference in the lives of many.

Moreover, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul accepts donations made with a credit or debit card, which ensures that 100% of the funds contributed will benefit the poor. Also, bequests are accepted. Bequests to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul could be an option depending on your property and obligations. Donations of cars are exempt from tax and are eligible for free pick-up.

How Many Volunteers?

100,000 volunteers are involved in the work of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in communities across the country. In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been forced to expand its outreach activities to meet the needs of those in need. These volunteers are vital in providing assistance to millions of people living in poverty across the country. They provide food and clothing to families in dire need, connect homeless people with housing, and help those with utilities.

Online donation is possible, as well as in person. Donating a car online is the easiest way to donate your vehicle. The process is quick, convenient, and confidential. You will need a credit card or online payment account to make a car donation online. There are many ways to donate your car to St. Vincent de Paul. If you are unsure how to donate a vehicle to the Society, it is possible to donate it online.

Benefits of Donating a Car

There are a number of benefits to donating a car. For one, you can benefit from tax deductions. You can also help people in need, and you’ll be helping a good cause at the same time. Donating your car to a charity is a good way to give something back.

Tax deductions

If you are donating a car to charity, you may be eligible for tax deductions. The IRS allows vehicle donors to claim deductions up to the fair market value of the car. However, the charity must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit in order to qualify for the deduction.

When donating a car to charity like St. Vincent de Paul Society of Indian River County, you will need a written acknowledgment from the charity. The letter should include the name of the charity and the vehicle’s VIN. It should also state that the car is not for sale, but was donated for charitable purposes. You can contact the IRS for more information about the rules. You may also want to include additional documentation to support your claim. The IRS publishes a guide for vehicle donations that outlines the requirements for tax deductions.

The IRS recommends that donors use the fair market value of donated vehicles to calculate the tax deductions. A good way to do this is to use a reputable used-car price guide. The Kelley Blue Book is a good resource and is available online.

Making a charitable contribution

Making a charitable contribution by donating s car is an excellent way to give back to the community, and you may even be able to deduct the fair market value of the car. However, it’s important to choose a reputable charity. You want to be sure that your donation will be put to good use, and this publication offers tips on how to choose the best charity to donate to.

First, you need to determine the fair market value of the car. The IRS provides guidelines for how much cars sell for. The most common method is to use the private-party value, but it’s not necessary to use the dealer retail value. It’s also helpful to take photos of the car and keep copies of maintenance records. In addition, you should research comparable sales to determine the car’s value.

Second, be sure to look up the nonprofit organization in CharityWatch before donating your car. While there are many good charities, there are some shady ones out there. Several organizations claim to be charitable, but their policies and practices are opaque. Moreover, they may be out to scam you by promising large gifts. Lastly, be sure to ask for a receipt for your donation. This way, you will be able to get the maximum tax deduction for your donation.