Weekly Sales St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop on 14th Ave. Vero Beach.

Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9-3:00.

SVDP of I.R.C. Accepts Cash, Credit, Debit, and Gift Β Cards for all purchases.

Sale runs from: March 6 to March 11th.

All Regular Ladies Clothing 50% πŸ“΄ β€Š

All Shoes-Regular/Boutique 50%πŸ“΄ β€Š

All Electronics,Printers, Speakers 50%πŸ“΄ β€Š

Crafts/ Office Supplies 50%πŸ“΄ β€Š

Clearance Clothing Rack- Color Orange 🍊 β€Š 50% πŸ“΄ β€Š

Come on in and shop! We have plenty to see. Lots of hidden treasures. Never know what you will find! We have lots of things to choose from for St. Patrick’s Day

☘️ β€Š πŸ€ β€Š ☘️ β€Š πŸ€ β€Š πŸ€ β€Š πŸ€ β€Š πŸ€ β€Š πŸ€ β€Š Or Easter 🐣 β€Š Decorations to celebrate with your family!


Remember, you can purchase an SVDP gift card for that special person in your life that loves to thrift! A great gift idea. These cards can be purchased from the cashier’s in the front of the shop, or our gift cards can be purchased online!


Client Aid offices are Open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-12:00 noon. If you find yourself in need, please come in and see one of our counselors.

We are here to help our neighbors in need in Vero Beach. That is our purpose!

As always, thank you for shopping with us! And thank you for your donations.

Our volunteers work very hard to get your donations marked and out on the floor quickly!

What a blessing! πŸ™ β€Š

1745 14th Ave

Vero Beach